Cara Araneta

Brand Storyteller


Every great brand begins with a story.

Cara works with brands to help create a narrative that will deepen connections with customers, re-shape your image, differentiate your message, and help you make a splash that truly disrupts the hospitality industry. In a time where people are overwhelmed with choices, paired with shorter attention spans, it is more important than ever to incorporate the power of storytelling for deeper impact and maximize your brand’s perception. Plus, who doesn’t love a good story?

From helping develop your overall concept, creating impactful visuals, messaging, and partnerships, her and her team of creatives have the ability to identify opportunities, execute change, and grow the bottom line.

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With early memories of family road trips, Cara got the job to pick the hotels they were to stay in each night. She loved hotels ever since. And at that age, understood the idea of home and how travel captured her deepest interest, a sense of wonder.

A multi-disciplinary creative director, working across multiple industries from Fashion Design in NYC, hospitality abroad, to tech in Silicon Valley. Leveraging this diverse experience to cross pollinating ideas. And believing in the importance of thinking holistically, injecting her own interests in cognitive science and it’s effect on design. While accumulating expertise in hospitality standards, its intersection with the traveler audience and their needs.

Inspired by culture and the world around, Cara is passionate about making meaningful work that people want to find, become a part of and ultimately, connect with. Consider Cara your swiss army knife for ideas and solutions.


Cara is a visionary and collaborating with her is always an inspiring exchange. Her bright and shiny spirit is disarming and it’s impossible not to connect with her quickly and sincerely. As a creative director, she has mastered the art of maintaining a professional disposition while infusing joy and creativity into each task and interaction. I’m always excited to see where she’s going and what she’s making, doing, imagining, dreaming up. Her dynamic skill-set, presence, curiosity and chameleon-like nature make it quite easy for her to fit seamlessly into any industry, company, project that catches her fancy. I can’t wait to see what she does next!”.





Design Director-Foundry COLLECTIVE
2011 – 2016

2016 – 2018


Cara was my manager at Shutterfly, and she made my time there that much better. 
She never accepted the status quo of anything, always asking how our processes and methods could be better. I always felt like she looked out for her team, and I could depend on her to stand up for us—but at the same time challenge us to worker harder and be better. 
I’ve since moved on to my first managerial job, and I find myself asking, “What would Cara do?” And that, I believe, illustrates so much why she was great.