Marca Swim

Designer and Founder

“Traveling is not a sport nor a creed - but a way of being for those who embrace curiosity and delight in discovering the unknown. We drink in the day and soak up the sun. We are vivid with wonder. Collecting moments so that they are never wasted. Collecting stories that would otherwise never be written. We are creatures of the sun. We are Marca."

Marca Swim built around reinventing signature swim essentials with a philosophy of functionality, craft, and individuality. Each piece was produced at an obsessive standard in New York City's garment district with olympian quality fabric from Italy. Using color as a visual impact, styles are meant to be mixed and matched, worn from beach to street.

The collection, inspired by minimalist design, was meant to highlight the wearer and allow freedom for them to make it their own MARCA, which in Italian means brand. *Seen in Vogue Mexico, April 2016

See the lookbook here

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