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Design Lover’s Guide to Antigua, Guatemala

“There are few places in the world with such intense dedication to craft, beauty, and history.”

Enter Antigua, a UNESCO world heritage site 25 miles outside of Guatemala City. Often mistaken for the country in the Caribbean, this Spanish colonial town is the grand dame to Guatemaltecans and for good reason.

The thriving food scene, new hotels, and incredible weather are just a few of its charms. As a hotel brand designer, it’s my go to destination to reconnect with inspiration, culture, and design.

Here, I’ll share my favorite inspiration spots in this creative paradise.

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Miami Basel 2018 Must See

Miami Basel is a beast and for good reason, it’s the largest contemporary art festival in the country. Now in it’s 17th year, it seems like the entire art world, along with the fashion and music crowd, descends upon South Beach. Even if you’re a seasoned Baseler, between the shows, the events, parties, pop ups and frosé, it can get overwhelming planning what to see. The struggle is real but we’ve got you covered.

The main fair, Art Basel is in the newly renovated Miami convention center and starts from Dec. 5-9th. The fair attracts 70,000+ collectors, directors, international institutions, curators and art lovers showing the most recognized names in art in the world. If you haven’t been I definitely recommend it and since there’s a lot to cover, also add one or two from these heavy hitter shows Untitled, Scope, Pulse, Context, and Art Miami .

It’s wise to get your priorities in order beforehand, start with outlining 3-5 shows that you don’t want to miss. Miami Art Week is action packed during the day and filled with fun events, performances, parties in the evening, don’t guilt yourself if you miss something, unfortunately, it’s impossible to see it all.

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Notes From Art Basel: 10 Highlights

Another Art Basel fair comes to a close. Every first week of December, the international art world and art lovers descend upon Miami. It may have infiltrated your social media with highlights from Alexander Calder to the Haas Brothers. Here we’ve narrowed it down to these 10 notables.

Design Miami, a fair focused on global design.
1. Mexican husband-and-wife duo Carla Fernández and Pedro Reyes. Fernández showing her is sustainability-focused fashion line made with indigenous communities across the country. Reyes, an architect turned artist and sculpture, showing pieces like a three-legged wooden chairs, built using 3,000-year-old techniques.

2. Fendi commissioned designer Sabine Marcelis to create 10 resin fountains to celebrate the brand’s 10-year participation at Design Miami. The collection, called Shapes of Water, Marcelis wanted to use water as a design tool, as well as creating an escape from the bustle of the fair. Read more here